Morning and Breaks

Lodge Sweets Platter

Assorted squares including brownies, carrot cake, butter tarts, cookies - $3.99 per person

Assorted Muffins

A platter of freshly baked large muffins - $2.99 each

Assorted Cookies

Large, freshly baked cookies - $2.25 each

Assorted Bagels

A platter of bagels, includes cream cheese. $3.99 each

Butter Tarts

A Canadian classic - $2.99 each

Fruit Platter

An assortment of seasonal fruit.
Small $39.99 (serves 10-15)
Large $69.99 (serves 16-25)


Berry or cheese - $3.00 each
72 hours notice is required for scones

Breakfast Sandwiches

$5.00 each (min 10)

Hot Breakfast

Includes scrambled eggs, Canadian peameal bacon, sausage, potatoes and English muffins $13.49 per person (min 10)
Add Pancakes - $4.00
72 hours notice is required


Tossed Salad or Salad of the Day

Complete with Ranch (or your choice) dressing - $3.25 per person

Greek Salad

Fresh romaine topped with feta, black olives, onion and Greek dressing - $3.75 per person

Caesar Salad

Fresh romaine topped with bacon bits, Caesar dressing and home made croutons - $3.75 per person

Veggie Tray

An assortment of veggies & ranch dip
Small $30 (Serves 10-15)
Large $69.99 (Serves 16-25)

Fresh Seasonal Salad



Wrap Platters

An assortment of chicken, ham & cheese and veggie - $11.99 per person

Sandwich Platters

A selection of assorted sandwiches, $8.99 per person
Sandwiches served in quarters (or halves by request)

Pinwheel Style Wraps

A selection of assorted premium pinwheel wraps- 12.99/wrap

 (Cut into bite size portions)

Deluxe Cheese & Cracker Trays

A cheese & cracker tray with an assortment of cheese & crackers
Small $39.99 (Serves 10-15)
Large $69.99 (Serves 16-25)
Add meat $15 small, $25 large

Cheese & Cracker Trays

Small $39.99 (Serves 10-15)
Large $69.99 (Serves 16-25)

Coffee & Beverage's

Our special insulated thermos serves up to 50 people and keeps coffee fresh for up to 4 hours without burning or altering the flavour. Includes cream, sugar and cups.

Box of Coffee

Services 8 - 10 $19.99

Large Thermos

Services 60 $100

1/2 Large Thermos

Services 35 $55

Assorted Juices

$2.00 per bottle

Tea Service

Service 8 - 10 $16

Soft Drinks - (355 ml cans)

$2.00 per person

Bottled Water

$2 per person

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